Our Projects

Kid’s Bank

Donate us your old clothes,toys,study materials (books,pencils,crayons),chocolates and get blessings in interest.


Recycle,reuse,reduce the old paper,scraps,plastics,solid wastes by collecting & also bring smile to each & every children face by cleaning their homes & surrounding .


Lets remove ‘DIS’ from the word DISABILITY & make them ABILITY to stand with us by providing free education & life time support.

2ND Innings

Treat old,homeless,begger people like your children & provide as much as love,supports for their life so that they can’t feel alone.


Discover the hidden talents among childrens in the field of arts ,science,sports & others field so that they can provide their valuable hand to rebuild the nation again.

Sab Apne

Provide your hands to all orphanage children & take care of them like your own children so that they could see the parents in you.


Provide the nutrition to poor children to fulfil their hungriness or empty stomach so that the nation will free from hunger.


Education the key to unlock the golden door of the illiteracy. To ensure that everyone should get the proper education So that every child should contribute something to rebuild the nation as strong as Possible.

Protect EcoSystem.

The world is disabled without protecting our ecosystem. So to ensure that our ecosystem will be protected & balanced in such a way that it doesn’t create any bad impact on our living being & also our offspring.